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Posters 47х69 cm

Poster printing represents one of the most effective methods of communication, being a well-established promotional tool. Strong visibility and low costs have made it one the most widely used tools for the promotions of events, special occasions and offers.

• Full color printing – single sided

Standard size - 470x690 mm

• Glossy/Matte premium quality paper 130 gsm

Download PDF template 470x690 mm
Printing Full color – single sided
Paper Premium quality gloss or matte paper 130 gsm
Color Mode CMYK
Final Size 470x690 mm
Design Size 476x696 mm
Bleeds 3 mm on all sides
Resolution 300 dpi
File Format .PDF /.TIF - size 1:1, 300 dpi / .JPEG - size 1:1, 300 dpi / .EPS - all texts in curves / .CDR - all texts in curves / .AI - all texts in curves
Finish Uncoated
Technology Offset or Digital Printing
Turnaround 5-7 Business Days / Next Business Day

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  • Posters 47х69 cm

    File requirements:
    Final cutting size: 470x690 mm /  mm
    Bleeds: 3mm on all sides
    Resolution: 300dpi, size 1:1
    Color: CMYK
    All texts must be converted to curves
    File Formats: .PDF / .TIF/ .JPEG/ .EPS/ .CDR/ .AI

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